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Amaranthus brownii Christoph. & Caum

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Taxonomic Details

 Domain: Eukarya
  Kingdom: Plantae
   Phylum: Tracheophyta
    Subphylum: Magnoliophytina
     Class: Magnoliopsida
      Family: Amaranthaceae
       Genus: Amaranthus
        Species: brownii Christoph. & Caum
Original Description:
Current Status: Unverified
Accepted Name: Amaranthus brownii Christoph. & Caum

Alternate Spellings and Combinations:

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Specimens (3)

Botany 428824 Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Nihoa USA Miller Peak, near summitYen, D.E. 101305/01/1969
Botany 436142 Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Nihoa USA Middle ValleyHerbst, D.R. 654507/27/1980
Botany 462208 Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Nihoa USA NihoaCaum, E.L. 7306/17/1923
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